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Coaching can be described as “help to help yourself” for all those stuck in problematic situations at work and in their private lives. It is a clearly goal and solution oriented method of consulting. It is intended to aid all those people and teams who wish to enhance their ability to find satisfactory solutions to problems of all kinds and gain different points of view. Experience has shown that people and/or teams that require coaching often know the solution to their problem, but for some reasons are unable to access it. This is when coaching is required. Coaching is all about doing something different or unusual – something that differs distinctly from what has been done so far. Coaching is a very efficient method of obtaining new insights, finding new solutions, mobilising new ideas and resources and thus finding goals and solutions for the future which are for the good of all involved. Paramount are questions, questions which aim at generating own solutions. A coach never presents solutions to his or her clients. He or she merely supports them in finding their own solutions and reaching their own goals.