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According to constructivism there is no real and objective truth. “Reality” is simply a product of what we think we perceive. We all tend to carry glasses which merely reflect a section of the multiple “realities” we believe to see. According to Epiktet, “not the things themselves worry us. It is our opinion of them”. Therefore, problems arise when our thoughts and behaviour start bothering us. My task as your coach is to enlarge the section you perceive and to reveal new ones, thus generating new ways of thinking and acting. You are the creator of your own “reality” and very often new solutions can arise.

System theory states that all things mutually influence each other . People “are” not, but rather act according to the system they belong to. Different systems with different structures, different ways of building relationships, different styles of communicating and acting therefore draw forth different ways of behaving and thinking in one and the same person. In addition, several people may be contributing to the same problem and co-operating in maintaining and boosting it. As your coach I support you in creating new patterns and finding more appropriate ones, corresponding to the system you are in. I therefore bear your private and business relationships in mind and take care that the solution found is for the benefit of all involved.