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Basically, coaching is suitable for people and teams who wish to change and grow. It is successfully applied in companies and organisations and is especially suitable to support high potentials, to tackle organisational issues, managerial tasks or conflicts at work. Benefits you and your company gain are

  • better understanding of and solutions to currently difficult situations
  • moving from a problem state to a more creative one
  • discovering other ways of acting/reacting
  • attempting new solutions which differ from previously found ones
  • replacing accustomed thoughts, points of view and behavioural patterns by other, more successful ones
  • discovering strong points, abilities and resources
  • converting problem stories into success stories
  • understanding the problem you are in better, how it arose, how the people involved act and why it has not been solved yet (hidden benefits)
  • gain more knowledge, more self awareness, more independence and responsibility for oneself
  • learning for the future